Succession Planning / M&A

Child Development Planning
February 24, 2017
Estate Planning & Management
February 25, 2017
“What happens to the business when i decide to move on or when i die?”

Who are the right family members to run the business? How do you fire a family member? What happens when someone wants to sell but others don’t?

There are many possible future scenarios that need to be understood, discussed and planned for to ensure family harmony and a smooth transition of power.

We use the information from the family planning strategy to guide our recommendations and shape our plans.

We work with you to interrogate scenarios and outcomes, and make sure that protocols are not only in place, but are understood by family members and other important stakeholders. We believe that clarity creates unity, and unity creates success.

Key features

  • Negotiating a plan that incorporates all family members
  • Future planning / future proofing strategies
  • WBP develops a deep knowledge of the client and provides valuable ongoing advice

Key client benefits

  • Inter-generational wealth protection
  • Consistency of advice and strategy over time
  • Promotes family harmony over the long-term