Estate Planning & Management

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February 25, 2017
Philanthropy & Impact Investing
February 25, 2017
“How can i ensure that my wealth will inspire and not destroy future generations?”

You may understand how wealth can fuel your own purpose and life goals, but have you thought about the future beneficiaries of your wealth?

Estate planning strategies are not only to fulfill the wishes of the benefactor. For wealth to transition successfully we have to understand the needs, capabilities and goals of the beneficiaries themselves.

Knowing these details allows us to construct meaningful, tailored plans that can be implemented across multiple generations.

Our legal and tax specialists can then construct the most appropriate frameworks that will create the most conducive environment for family members to thrive.

Key features

  • Identification of benefactor and beneficiary wishes, capabilities and goals
  • Create and implement an estate plan aligned to family planning strategy
  • Set-up complex tax and legal structures

Key client benefits

  • Integrated, expert recommendations
  • Alignment of family wealth to wellbeing for future generations
  • Plan for expected / unexpected events