Philanthropy & Impact Investing

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February 25, 2017
Investment Planning
February 25, 2017
“How can i use my wealth to contribute and make a difference?”

Wealth has the power to fuel innovation, improve lives and create a common purpose that family members can rally around. Have you determined your legacy?

Meaningful giving is a powerful contributor to personal wellbeing. It provides purpose and can fuel individual passions. It can inspire and act as a bridge that brings families together under a common cause.

We provide the guidance and frameworks to make the most out of philanthropy. Our goal is to help you make significant contributions to society, yet simultaneously retain and grow the value of your portfolio.

We open doors to opportunities, advise on potential strategies and implement the necessary structures to ensure today’s goals and tomorrow’s wishes are in safe hands.

Key features

  • Understanding the importance and options for philanthropy
  • Plan a portfolio that has significant impact
  • Ideas on how to connect family to a common purpose

Key client benefits

  • Ensure you create a long-term legacy
  • Retain value whilst still contributing to society
  • Brings family together under a common cause