Child Development Planning

Family Strategy Planning
February 20, 2017
Succession Planning / M&A
February 25, 2017
“How do i prevent wealth from ruining my children?”

Fear of entitlement, loss of ambition and purpose, a sense of superiority and blowing the family fortune are real issues that many wealthy parents face. Are you and your children prepared?

We work with families using a range of age specific modules which draw on behavioural research to build both the functional capability and emotional intelligence needed to manage the responsibilities and burdens of wealth.

We educate parents on best practices, prepare dynamic parenting plans and provide the right environment for children to mature successfully. By raising emotionally and financially astute children, and instilling a meaningful sense of purpose within them, they will be better equipped to live a happy, inspired life and pass this philosophy onto their own kids.

Key features

  • Develop bespoke plans for specific family dynamic
  • Helping children find their passion, purpose and develop skills early in life
  • Creation of a proactive parenting plans

Key client benefits

  • Develop emotionally and financially astute children
  • Retain wealth and encourage wellbeing  through generations
  • Benefit from thoroughly researched, best practice techniques to give your children the best chance to succeed independently